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1812: The Invasion Of Canada

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Publisher: Academy Games

Designer: Beau Beckett, Jeph Stahl


Jake's Thoughts

If you're looking for an incredible lightweight war game, look no further than 1812.  It has all of the theme, historical flare and drama of a war game, but in a much more digestible experience.  1812 is a game of positioning and risk management that has you calculating odds on the fly, and mashing together factions with unique strengths.  It uses move and attack cards for actions, and resolves battles with custom dice.  The coolest part of this wonderful game, however is the team play variant.

With 3 players on the Canadian side vs the 2 on the American side, the Canadians already have the game stacked in the beginning.  However this doesn't always work out as expected, as adding another cook in the kitchen sometimes convolutes things.  The American side can typically play a very strong and streamlined game, while the strengths of the Canadian factions add complexity to their gameplay.  By working those complexities together the Canadian side can have a very strong tactical toolbox, but if things go awry it can be hard to recover.

1812: The Invasion Of Canada is all in all a great experience, whether playing 1vs1 or with teams.  The only complaint I hear about is the use of wooden cubes instead of miniatures, however I feel that this lends the game a feeling of brevity rather than the romanticism that miniatures tend to provide.  Regardless, 1812 is commonly touted as a favorite and makes a fine addition to any board game collection.

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