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Arkham Horror

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Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Designer: Richard Launius


Jake's thoughts

Arkham Horror is an absolute epic.  This is a highly complex, highly dramatic game that requires patience and careful rule-reading (thank goodness for searchable pdfs) but is highly entertaining.  The payoff at the end of a long round of Arkham Horror is totally worth the horror of reading the rulebook.

You and a team of up to 8 Investigators are trouncing around Arkham fighting Lovecraftian monsters, collecting stuff and closing gates to nefarious regions.  These gates are no bueno.  Baddies are constantly spewing out of them if you don't close them quickly.  Close enough gates and you win the game.  How do you close a gate, might you ask?  Why you JUMP RIGHT INTO IT of course!  How else?  You jump into the gate and then something terrible happens to you and hopefully you can come out again if you're smart enough and lucky enough.  IF you die inside the gate then you are lost in time and space.  Like actually.  There's a little penalty box where your character has to sit.  It's like a hockey game.

If you and your team of Investigators are smart enough and lucky enough then you will beat up all the monsters on the board, seal the gates and be home in time to cry yourself to sleep.  If not... well, if not... then you have to take a difficult game and ramp it up a few notches.  Oh yeah, I'm talking about a boss battle.  You see, before you start a game of Arkham Horror you get to pick a boss.  Most games this boss will do nothing.  He will just sit on the corner of your table, staring at you and being intimidating as hell.  But on occasion the team of Investigators is so bad at sealing gates that this big bad boss just comes walking out of one of them.  Now you can't win the game by just sealing gates.  Now you have to kill this guy, and that's no joke.

This game is a favorite for a lot of reasons.  Obviously it's very dramatic and there's a ton of player interaction.  People are standing up, shouting, waving fists in the air and being just as rowdy as you can be.  The game is also very dynamic and can scale up or down to fit whatever size group you have, up to 8 that is.  The boss cards also add a touch of customizability to the game which keeps it fresh every time you play.  But most of all, it's just a fun game.

The arkham horror series

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Miskatonic Horror Expansion

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black goat of the woods expansion

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curse of the dark pharaoh

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Dunwich horror expansion

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innsmouth horror expansion

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the lurker at the threshold

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kingsport horror expansion

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Some friends of mine and I decided to play Arkham Horror for Halloween this year.

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