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Castles of mad king ludwig

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Publisher: Bézier Games

Designer: Ted Alspach


Jake's thoughts

Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a great little tile laying game that has you constantly on the edge of your seat, sweating in panicked anticipation.  Essentially you are purchasing 'rooms' to add to your castle.  If you have the Master Builder token, then you get to determine the cost of each room.  This is awesome if you are a power-hungry sociopath, hellbent on destroying the economic system for your own dirty gain.  Unfortunately the Master Builder has to purchase last, meaning that everyone else at the table can scoop up the tiles you so desperately needed.  They may do this by accident, or they may be trolling you because you're a greedy jerk.  Buuut, each turn the Master Builder token passes to the next player, enabling everyone to participate in the economic meddling.

Playing Castles is like juggling while on a tight rope.  The prices of everything are constantly shifting, your castle is constantly evolving and everybody at the table is eyeing each other to get an upper hand.  There is a little bit of bluffing, a little bit of luck and a lot of stress-inducing fun.

If you like Galaxy Trucker, I think you would like this game.  It has a similar feeling, but Castle definitely has more interaction between players.  I haven't gone a single game without shouting and throwing my hands up in the air at least two or three time.