exploding kittens card game

exploding kittens

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Designer: Matthew Inman, Elan Lee, Shane Small


Jake's thoughts

If you have not played this game, you should.  It's wonderfully simple, extremely delightful and has just the right amount of tension.  The game describes itself as Russian Roulette, but instead of a revolver, you are drawing from a deck that might give you a kitten which explodes and kills you, boohoo.  Good thing you have a handy-dandy Defuse card that you can play!  As long as nobody has stolen it.

This game kind of plays like sweaty Uno.  It's sweaty because you might explode at any given time, and the further along the game goes, the more likely you will explode.  It's like Uno because you can Skip, Reverse and do other more nastier things.  Now, you may not be interested in a game described as sweaty Uno, but I tell you now that you should be, because Exploding Kittens adds just the right amount of tension to take a really boring game and make it into something really fun.

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