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Flash Point: Fire Rescue

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Publisher: Indie Boards & Cards

Designer: Kevin Lanzing


Jake's thoughts

Flash Point is definitely not as popular as Pandemic in the greater community, but at my table it definitely reigns as the go-to coop game.  You and your bravest friends will team up to save a bunch of strangers (and their pets) from a burning house.  It is very similar to Pandemic (which, don't get me wrong, is an amazing game) but is a lot less stressful and it may just be that the scope of the game is limited to a single house with a few people (and their pets) rather than the entire globe.

The game also has a lot of funky cool ideas in it, like exploding hazardous materials, shockwaves, and fire trucks.  Fire trucks man!  Riding on a fire truck is super cool.  Just ask my five year old son.

If you get tired of the weight of Pandemic, or are looking to try a really fun cooperative game then I would recommend trying Flash Point: Fire Rescue.