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Publisher: Atlas Games

Designer: Keith Baker


Jake's thoughts

What a weird little game!  Keith Baker, I don't know who you are, but you make weird games.  Lucky for us right?  Who wants to play a normal game like Uno anyways?  Uno has no story.  Uno has no brain-in-a-box.  Uno has no commentary on society!

Gloom can be a lot of fun, if you have the right people in the room.  Requirements: Imagination, Sense of Humor and Talkative.  This is a storytelling game, and guides you through telling the story of your family's terrible life and (hopefully) terrible demise.  Why do we hope that everything is terrible?  Because the more terrible your family's lives are, the more points you get.  Or... the less points you get.  I think they are actually called self-esteem points.  You want these to be low.  Like, in the negatives.  It's like golf.  >.-

On the flipside, you want everyone else's family's to have great, happy, successful lives and you must do everything you can to help them fulfill their sweetest dreams.

It's an interesting game (with very, very cool cards), but I've had a couple of really awkward rounds of Gloom.  This is one that you definitely want to plan in advance for, and make sure you have the right people there.  If you do, then you will have a great time with one of the more unique games around.