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Love Letter

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Publisher: AEG

Designer: Seiji Kanai


Jake's thoughts

I love, love, love this game.  I carry it around in my bag so that I can whip it out anytime.  Airports, coffee shops, wherever.  The cards were so worn that I got sleeve protectors for them.  And then those got so worn that I had to get new sleeve protectors.  No joke.

Love Letter is a fairly simple game of bluffing and deduction.  It's very easy to teach, and is very approachable by new players.  This is why I carry it around with me: I can usually get anybody to play at anytime.  To begin with, you only have one card in your hand at a given time.  You draw a card and then you have to play either the card you drew, or the one in your hand.  You play cards to find out information on other players, knock them out of the round or to protect yourself.  If you're the last man standing then you win the round!  If there are multiple people left when the deck runs dry (it's a very small deck) then whoever has the highest number on their card is the winner.  

Each round you win earns you a token of affection from the princess.  You can buy (irl) awesome acrylic hearts that replace the game's original wooden cubes.  Take a look at them.  I bought a set of these at PAX South this year and they are pretty cool.  I feel like they make the game slightly more approachable to non-gamers because a heart is a more familiar icon than the abstract wooden cubes we are used to.