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Push fight

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Publisher: Penny Arcade

Designer: Brett Picotte

Jake's thoughts

"Push Fight is a game of skill and surprise" is how the rulebook opens up, and it's a completely true statement.  The game design is inspired by jiujitsu and you can totally feel that as you play, pushing and grappling with pieces, making quick use of any opening possible and tossing people off of the board.  The Penny Arcade version of the game is excellently crafted with solid wood pieces and a very well designed manual (of which I hope to obtain a scanned copy of soon to post here).

The game plays like a very simple version of chess.  It's a quiet, thinking game, but plays quicker and more easily than chess.  The strategies are not as deep, but sometimes the serene simplicity of game like this is what draws you to it.  All in all, this is one of my favorite two-player games, especially for a quiet night in.